The Acuscope P85

Acuscope The Acuscope is a complete pain management system equipped with outstanding capabilities and performance. It is ideal for initial evaluation, screening of patients or clinical treatment, post-operative pain management, and detoxification.

The Acuscope acts primarily upon the nervous and brain tissue. It reads and treats the body along the linear pathways of current flow–nerves, meridians, and dermatomes–often following acupuncture meridian lines. The Acuscope delivers an electrical current at a millionth of amperage and lower (trillionth) at the cellular level to open the ion-sensitive gates, allowing entrance of substances such as calcium ions which turn on the repair mechanisms within those cells. Once the cell membranes open up, nutrients can easily flow in and waste products/toxins flow out.

The instrument’s preprogrammed microchip processors interact with the electrical information from living tissue. The Acuscope has the capacity to decipher abnormal electrical tissue responses from pain, injury, or toxins and adjust its own output to produce normalization, or a balancing effect. This is accomplished by introducing a precisely appropriate micro-amperage electrical charge into the area. Over a series of therapy sessions there is a positive cumulative effect, restoring normal levels of conductivity to previously resistant tissue.

Acuscope therapy has shown positive results for many kinds of ailments and disorders.

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