John Thorp's Book Available Now!
"From Stuntman to Electro Medicine Man"

The true and exciting story of John Thorp with forwards by Mark victor Hansen and Dr. Stephen Sinatra on sale today.

thorp certification training John Thorp, President and founder of the Thorp Institute of Integrated Medicine, released his first book, From Stuntman to Electro Medicine Man.

John’s book recounts his experience as a stuntman and the twist of fate that acted as a catalyst for a tremendous life change. Now, two decades later, John has become one of the leading authorities on microcurrent therapy and the Acuscope/Myopulse systems.

The following is an extract from Dr. Stephen Sinatra, M.D.’s foreword to John’s book. Dr. Sinatra is a board certified cardiologist, nutritionist, and author of The Sinatra Solution.

This is what John Thorp’s Acuscope and Myopulse do. His electrical devices support the production of ATP in the cells, which eventually supports the healing process in the body local to where the current is being delivered. So what does a Hollywood stunt man bring to the energy medicine table?

John Thorp is a talented guy. When you read his book you will learn how this athlete, dare-devil, iron-man, and wild surfer developed the clinical protocols designed for this new technology. In essence, John’s path included many unpredictable injuries resulting from his occupational and recreational interests. He relied on healing himself with his own technologies and he has become a messenger in the process.

When John was about to work on my right hip, I told him that the x-rays showed that there was “bone on bone” in that joint; no cartilage cushion at all. It ached! I limped. And my range of motion in that hip was severely restricted. He shrugged his shoulders and proceeded to “one up” me. John pulled up his pant legs and showed me a grossly deformed knee that still supports him in triathlons: stunningly swollen and twisted compared to his “normal” knee. I couldn’t figure out HOW he even walked on it! (Still can’t.)

Because John healed himself “against all odds,” he knows that his technologies can heal others. This Hollywood stuntman has been employing electrostimulation therapies for healing for the last 24 years. What can we learn from him?

Simply stated, when you read this book, you will absolutely discover that John is a messenger for all of us. In my professional opinion, his recovery was nothing short of miraculous. After refusing surgery and maintaining his intention and belief that he could heal his own body, John is truly a living testimony to his own therapy.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wishes to participate in their own healing. John’s methods can help with detoxification, energy production, and ATP fortification in cells. His Myopulse and Acuscope units can offer an alternative healing methodology that really works. When you, the reader, fully comprehend John’s passion, search, and struggle to live his own life to the fullest, you can understand why he felt it so important to bring this exciting “good vibe” technology forth to others. This type of treatment is available to you, too. You can try to find a certified Electro-toxicologist® therapist local to you, or order a unit to heal yourself.

The following is an extract from Mark Victor Hansen’s forward to John’s book. Mr. Hansen is best known as co-author of the #1 New York Times best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul. He is also co-author of Cracking the Millionaire Code.

You want the healer’s healer. You want the leading edge healer that electronically can turn disease back into effortless, healed ease.

Allow me to introduce you to an amazing man. A great, important friend of mine. A human treasure dedicated to keeping well people totally well; healing sick folks; teaching everyone the truth of high-level wellness using electronic technology; and he is busy training, educating, motivating and inspiring a ready army of well-qualified, competent healing professionals who facilitate the desperately needed wellness and health revolution. His name is John Thorp. You may not know him yet; however, I predict that he is destined to become intimately more famous over time. Why? Because he is doing what needs to be done to solve our healthcare crisis. John is a quietly effective master healer and teacher of healers. Word about him is spreading like a wild-fire on a windy day.

Dr. Denis Waitley, motivational speaker and author of Seeds of Greatness, had this to say about John’s book:

I have witnessed, first hand, the healing power of John Thorp's revolutionary energy technology. The results speak for themselves and open a new door in promoting health and wellness.