• A prescription is required from your physician prior to purchasing all Thorp Institute or Intelligent Bioenergetic devices. We can refer you to a physician if necessary.

• Technicians must be aligned with a state licensed medical practitioner (Dr, ND, PT, Chiropractor) to treat patients and to be a part of our referral network.


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The our products are Class II medical devices registered with the FDA as T.E.N.S. units intended for the relief of pain. Federal law requires a prescription by a licensed practitioner for personal use. This means that these devices can only be sold by or on the order of a licensed health care practitioner. If you are not a licensed health care practitioner, you are required to provide a prescription from a licensed health care provider.

If you do not have a licensed practitioner we can introduce you to a variety of licensed medical practitioners or veterinarians who are familiar and experienced with these instruments. Upon proper evaluation, they may provide you with a prescription.


Only a trained, certified Electro-toxicologist™ technician can provide you with state of the art care to detoxify the body via the use of micro-current applied directly to the energy pathways of the body. Thorp Institute is the exclusive provider of training in the the Electro-toxicology™ discipline, including the care and use of the Electro-Acuscope system and the Myopulse system. Contact one of our certified Electro-Toxicologist™ technicians to learn more about this ground breaking new medical treatment.