Pain Management and Microcurrent Stimulation

Thorp_John Equiscope therapy is among the most effective methods of pain relief available today.

The body function through low-voltage conductivity. Currents flow through connective tissues, including muscles, tendons, ligaments, bone, and neurological pathways to the brain. When a person is injured, its body's normal conductivity becomes altered.

Equiscope therapy can speed the healing process and provide pain relief by improving the cellular metabolism of injured tissues. This is accomplished by applying a specific frequency of minute, electrical impulses to the cells of an injured nerve, joint, muscle, or tendon using simple probes via contact with the skin’s surface. The electrical impulses facilitate the healing process by increasing the circulation and decreasing the inflammation in the injured area. The currents offer a corrective signal that normalizes abnormalities with no discomfort, side effects, overdoses, or over-stimulation.

Other forms of electrical stimulation, such as with TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) devices, differ from Equiscope therapy. The electrical stimulation produced through TENS devices does not therapeutically treat the injured area. Rather, the device sends an electrical stimulation that blocks the sensation of pain from being sent to the brain. Thus, the root of the problem is not addressed, the sensation of pain is.

The Equiscope is designed to read the body’s response to electrical stimulation at the cellular level and adjust the electrical current sent into the body so that the root of the problem—the area of injury or pain—is addressed. The brain is not tricked into feeling no pain. The pain actually goes away because the problem itself is resolved.

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