Pro Athlete/Patient Photo Gallery

Thorp Institute of Integrated Medicine equipment has been the leading provider of Acuscope and Myopluse therapy for top professional athletes and major celebrities for decades. This is due to the amazing results that have been recorded using Thorp Certified Acuscope and Myopulse equipment.

Below is a gallery of elite professional athletes treated sucessfully in 2011 by Thorp Institute.

USA Olympic Volleyball player Lauren Fendrick is the newest

member of team Equiscope - Wins the AVP PRO


Chargers All Pro Darrell Stuckey and Branden Oliver with John Thorp


UFC Fighter Tone, John and Cat with Equiscope


pro athlete myopluse therapy

Los Angeles Dodgers Pitcher, Ted Lilly and John Thorp


pro athlete acuscope therapy

Milwaukee Brewers Pitcher, Kameron Loe and John Thorp


surfer using micro current instrument for healing

Surfing Legend, Felipe Pomar (T.I. patient) 67 years old, was Crowned the first world surfing Champion in Peru in 1965 and one of two man that have ever successfully surfed a Tsunami after the earthquake in Lima Peru in 1976.


surfer using micro current instrument for healing

Baseball Hall of Famer, Willie Lee McCovey, with the Thorp team after being treated with the Facilitator. Willie's statement after treatment was "I am on cloud nine and got up and took a few steps". Tyler Cerin is Thorp Institutes Equine trainer Thorp Equine Microcurrent instruments.


pro athlete acuscope therapy

Rachel Buehler (#19), USA 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist, Woman's soccer, scored her first goal in Woman's World Cup Soccer, 2011 vs. Korea and helped lead the United states team all the way to the World Cup Finals for the first time in 12 years.


pro athlete acuscope therapy

After a series of treatments by "Thorp Certified," Acuscope practitioner, David Backstrom ND., Wayne Gretzky was back on the ice.


Thorp Institute of Integrated medicine has seen remarkable success treating numerous individual with the Acuscope and Myopulse. View our Testimonials page for more information.