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news on the acuscope and myopulse Press releases, medical journals, magazine articles, and radio and television news stories regularly appear about the Thorp Institute of Integrated Medicine as well as microcurrent therapy using the Acuscope and Myopulse instruments.

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Pain-Free Seminar at New Time



news on the acuscope and myopulse Linda Perry, of Health in Motion, is offering a free monthly seminar, Pain-Free Electrically, from 12 to 1 p.m., the first Thursday of each month, at The World Wellness Center. The seminar includes a demonstration of the electro-acuscope and myopulse, two electrical stimulation modalities that Perry uses to reduce inflammation and accelerate healing in patients.

These modalities use microcurrent electrical stimulation to scan the body's electrical terrain and detect cellular abnormalities. Unlike the standard millicurrent (TENS) and electro-galvanic stimulation (EGS) modalities familiar to most patients, the acuscope and myopulse generate biofeedback for Perry to analyze and use in selecting the proper treatment protocol for her patients.

The treatment Perry administers reopens the tunnel-like structures (ion gates) that control the passage of nutrients inside the cell and waste products outside the cell, enhancing cellular function; most importantly, cellular repair. The results are decreased pain and accelerated healing.

Perry is a physical therapist and a electro-toxicologist certified by the Thorp Institute of Integrated Medicine, who specializes in the application of these modalities. Founder John Thorp, founder, is the leading authority of the use of these modalities. Perry has served as the head trainer for the Thorp Institute for six years and uses the modality in her home health and clinical practice in Las Vegas.

Location: 3120 S. Valley View, Las Vegas. Call 702-239-1069 to schedule a free consultation. Visit for more information on treatment protocol.

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