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Patient and Practitioner Responses

Microcurrent therapy has been used in various medical professions for over twenty years. Patients and practitioners report similar results: Some patients experience immediate and complete recovery in one treatment while others describe an initial increased discomfort and then slow and steady recovery over the course of weeks or months. The effectiveness and sustainability of the therapy is relative to the patientís condition, length of occurrence, and commitment to supporting the therapeutic process.

Research and Technology

Microcurrent instruments have been studied and tested in hundreds of applications. Studies have found that microcurrent technology positively affects the production of ATP, the sodium pump effect, and the Krebs cycle of the cell, enhancing the cellís ability to reproduce itself in a regenerative instead of a degenerative phase.

Microcurrent therapy works at the cellular level. Electrical energy naturally flows through the bodyís cells. When a cell is injured, diseased, or toxic, electricity, like blood flow, goes around the damaged tissue instead of through it. The electrical currents in microcurrent instruments seek the abnormalities of diseased, injured, or toxic tissue in the human body and open up the cell membrane, enhancing nutrient intake and waste product departure.

In 1991, two research scientists, Dr. Erwin Neher and Dr. Bert Sackmann, won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine by detecting electrical currents of a trillionth of an ampere in the membrane or surface of a cell. These findings substantiate the viability of Thorp Institute of Integrated Medicine microcurrent modalities. In addition, the intelligent cybernetic (missile guidance technology) chips in the equipment ensure that there is never any electrical bombardment of the tissue.

Additional research findings have shown:

  • Increased range of motion
  • Decreased healing time
  • Progressive wound healing

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