Meet Our Clinical Staff


Daniel F. Farrier, MD

Thorp_John Dr. Farrier joins IntellBio™’s Advisory Board with a broad medical and engineering background. He currently has a solo mobile practice and part base practice at the Thorp Institute in Encinitas, California. As a graduate of the University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, followed by residency training in internal and emergency medicine, Dr. Farrier heads up the Board with a hands-on clinical background of 19 years in advanced Integrative Medicine in mostly large group practice with multiple-therapy modalities. Prior to medical school, Dr. Farrier had a nearly 10-year career as an electronics engineer, specializing in analysis of the radiation effects of nuclear weapons on military electronics and systems.

He also pioneered an integrative medicine academic program in Washington, D.C., at Capital University of Integrative Medicine from 1996 to 2003 as graduate, pro-bono faculty, and chair of clinical medical education. There he collaborated with its President, noted pathologist and chelationist Majid Ali, MD, and fellow teaching staff Paul Cheney, PhD, MD, who named chronic fatigue syndrome (CFIDS), and served on the Board of Trustees under Rear Admiral Timothy Fanning, USNR, MBA.

Dr. Farrier is a perfect fit as an IntellBio™ Medical Advisor. His first interest in alternative medicine in 1996 triggered his priority purchase of an Electro-Acuscope, P85, with near-miracle results on the first patient. The medical-electronics connection was second nature. Now, 18 years later, he enthusiastically focuses clinicians and patients on the Proscope: “The crux of this technology—consistent rapid positive outcomes—affords its own clinical persuasion.”


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