Patient Testimonials

"The doctors told me I needed a hip replacement. I saw John Thorp 10 years ago and he regenerated my hip instantaneously. I have been ambulatory ever since. Now I swim, snow ski, scuba dive, bike and run. I think that it is important that you know about his Thorp Certified Electro-Acuscope and Myopulse Programs."

Mark Victor Hansen, co-author Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books, 2005

"I first saw John for a chronic painful condition after I broke my leg skiing. The doctors told me I would be limping around forever. I found John and I do not limp anymore and I am pain free. A few years ago I got Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from signing about 400,000 books, saw John, and the pain diminished dramatically. He also helped me with some detoxification issues that I had and I saw all this black stuff come out on these plates. I just feel blessed to know that John and this therapy exist and when I find something as good as this I want to share it with the world. So this is me doing that for you today."

Jack Canfield, co-author Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books, 2005

"I met John Thorp in 2009 as I was recovering from a debilitating disease. I had to teach myself to walk, talk, eat and even go to the bathroom. My first treatment was for a ringing in my ear and an injury I suffered in the hospital to my shoulder. After one treatment the ringing in my ear went away and my shoulder felt 50% better. After continuing with the treatments my entire healing process was accelerated. The pain in my shoulder went away and my overall well-being increased dramatically. I immediately purchased instruments for myself and am very thankful to John Thorp for all he has helped me with."

Stephen Sinatra, 2009

"I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis over twenty years ago. Due to my Multiple Sclerosis I suffered leg pain and spasms and had to use Botox injections to relieve the pain and the spasms. I was originally treated for my chronic pain in my low back and legs at Sanoviv Medical Institute. After a series of treatments using the Acuscope and Myopulse I no longer require the Botox injections in my legs that I used for the spasms and pain. It has relieved me of my chronic back pain and has even helped me with my balance. We immediately purchased the instruments from John Thorp and received their unlimited training. Not only has it helped me but it has also helped my husband who is a professional golfer and has some knee pain. I highly recommend the use of these instruments and the training given by the Thorp Institute."

Jan Mills, 2008

"Aloha John, wishing you well. I want to thank you for turning us on to your healing machine (Acuscope and Myopluse) and teaching Larry your protocols. I hurt my shoulder in October and Larry treated me and made me well so that when this swell arrived late January, was good to go."

Big Mahalo from me to you and Larry.

Stay well, Felipe, 2011

During the NCHA World show in December 2013, our stallion Mississippi Cat , was experiencing some lameness and soreness. We turned to our friends at Equine athletes, Thumper and Laurie Jones, they recommended chiropractic and the Equine pro scope 360 therapy. Mississippi Cat was able to rebound and win the Reserve World Championship and World Champion Stallion. A long hard year of competition was saved by the treatment that we received from Laurie and Thumper.

Vick L. Etheridge

"Dear John and Lisa, just wanted to take the time to thank you!"

"Thank you for doing what you do and thanks for sharing. Thanks for your many years of research and devotion. It has been quite a journey these last 6 months, it hardly seems real. I have a condition called multi focal motor neuropathy with conduction blocks. Basically my immune system has gone nuts and is attacking the myelin sheath on my nerves. For a couple of years I just felt the atrophy, then the extreme started." I was having 1000 shooting nerve pains every day that would hit 10's."

"Then my Sister in law introduced me to this technology and Sunday. She treated my legs and left arm with accuscope and myopulse. Once I got home 30 minutes later, I sat by the computer. I was sitting there and out of the blue I burst into tears. I couldn't stop…………I was pain free in my left arm and both legs. I went in next day and had the arm treated and points in the upper chest."

"The third day was the bilateral spinal (my favorite) This one I felt like it opened me up to the universe again, my breaths were larger and full. Posture was better, and a smile was put on my face. I continued to get treatments 4 days a week every week, until I purchased my own machines. I have found much relief in the protocols with accuscope and myopulse."

"Now I have the machines it feels like I have the control now…..This is important for a driven soul! I hope to continue to treat and learn as much as I can about the art of electro toxicology."

"I so much enjoyed my training with Tone and Sunday! I have taken hundreds of courses in my life but have never met such amazing teachers. So calm and knowledgeable!"

"From the depths of my soul i thank you for this gift of a pain free life."

"Yours sincerely and gratefully Gordon McDonald" "

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