John S. Thorp - President and CEO of Thorp Institute

Thorp_John John S. Thorp, President and founder of the Thorp Institute of Integrated Medicine, Inc. (est. 1997), is one of the foremost authorities on microcurrent technologies. Patients and practitioners worldwide have sought after his superior training program.

Throughout the 1970s and into the 1980s, John was a successful Hollywood stuntman on such shows as Hawaii Five O, The Six Million Dollar Man, Magnum P.I., Jake and the Fatman, and a host of others. In 1986, he shattered his tibia, fibula, and femur and was told by doctors that without a total knee replacement he would be crippled for life. This procedure would have ended his career and the lifestyle he loved and worked so hard to achieve. Fortunately, Hollywood actor Lee Majors recommended that John try a new and highly regarded therapy that had been thrust into the limelight by professional athletes such as Terry Bradshaw, Joe Montana, and Jack Nicklaus.

Thorp_John John followed through with Leeís recommendation, and the results were incredible. A year from the date of his injury, John competed in his first triathlon on a leg doctors said would never bend again. He returned to the occupation he loved and began sharing the new technology he had found with his colleagues. Initially working on horses and their riders and trainers, John proved that his dramatic recovery was not created by a placebo effect. Every horse and person he treated had the same results: a reduction of chronic pain and expedited recovery time.

Thorp_John The instruments John used in his recovery were designed based on a combination of technologies. Nobel-prize winning scientists who discovered how electrical current helps the body heal itself paved the way for microcurrent therapy, and one of the physicists responsible for inventing missile guidance microchip technology created the microchip processor used in these instruments. However, there were no specific protocols in place to treat various diseases and injuries. Developing them became Johnís passion.

Johnís goal has long been to bring this prestigious equipment into mainstream use in the fields of human and animal pain management, detoxification, and esthetics and beauty care. John attended the Institute of Oriental Medicine to study acupuncture, concurrently becoming licensed in the state of Hawaii as a massage therapist. He was hired by the Castle Medical Center in Hawaii at the Work Well Rehabilitation Center, where he oversaw 40-plus patients a day. This gave John the opportunity to prove that his specific protocols had a 90% success rate in the reduction of chronic pain.

John has owned and managed medical clinics over the past twenty years. He now owns the Thorp Institute of Integrated Medicine in San Diego, California, and plans to add additional clinics nationwide. The Institute focuses on building a global network of Electro-toxicologist® Technicians. As the technician and clinic network is established, John plans to continue a national campaign to promote this groundbreaking healing modality and his many insights into achieving and maintaining optimal health and wellness.

John lives pain-free and is currentrly active in many different sports despite his shattered tibia on his right leg. Click here to see his xrays.


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